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Happy Birthday To The One Without Whom My Life Is Incomplete.
Wait Till You See How We Celebrate This With A Big Kiss And Very Special Hug.
If Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, And You Are Mine, Can I Be Yours Too? I Love You!
Closing The Doors On The World So We Can Be Together Is Where I Find The Most Joy. Happy Birthday!
Being In Love Doesn’T Make Me Happy. It’S Being In Love With You Year After Year That Does The Trick.
May Your Birthday Become The Most Wonderful Day! You Are Not Just My Boyfriend, But My Best Buddy Too!
You Are My Life, Without You I Can Never Image My Live. Without You It Will Be Like Body Without Soul.
Poets And Painters Express My Feelings Best. My Poor Self Can Only Say: Happy Birthday, And I Love You.
If I Have One 2 Days To Live. My Wish Will Be One Day You Will Love Me And The 2Nd Day I Will Love You.
Many Many Congratulation On Your Birthday My Love! May The Life Bring All The Best Things That Your Dream!
I Always Dreamt Of A Friend Who Is Always Being Close To My Heart. This Dream Comes True When I Met Yours.
It Takes Only A Few Seconds To Say I Love You But It Will Take Me An Entire Lifetime To Show You How Much.
This Day Is The Best Day Of The Year Because On This Day The Love Of My Life Was Born. Happy Birthday! I Love You!
I Send To You This Birthday Blessing, With Lots Of Love And Joy. I Wish That Sweet Thing Will Happen, Just For You!
Falling In Love With You Was Easy. Staying In Love With You Is Easier. Happy Birthday. I Can’T Wait Until Next Year.
When We’Re Together Or When We’Re Apart, You’Re First In My Thoughts And First In My Heart. Have A Wonderful Birthday.
A Kiss Here, A Kiss There, A Thousand Kisses For Your Birthday! Have A Lovely Day And May Everyone See Your Gorgeous Smile!
I Draw A Circle Around You: Not A Heart Because A Heart Can Break, But A Circle Goes On Forever. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.
You Make Me Feel Peaceful And Whole. I Hope You Get Everything Your Heart Desires On Your Birthday. I Know That Includes Me.
Did You Hear A Light Tap On Your Shoulder This Midnight? It Wasn’T Santa Claus, It Was Me Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday!
The Day You Were Born Was A Lucky Day For So Many People. You Enrich My Life So Much And I Love You More Than You Might Know!
Tonight, Let’S Live As If We Have No Other Cares In The World But Each Other. You Deserve A Big Birthday Celebration, And You Are Going To Get It.
I Love The Flower And Adore Pets. Although, There’S Nothing I’D Love More Than Celebrating This Special Day Of Your As A Date For Two. A Very Happy Birthday To You.
In A Garden Filled With Blooms, You Stand Out As The Most Beautiful And Most Beguiling Creation. With You, I Feel Like I Am In Heaven All The Time. Happy Birthday, My Sweetest One.
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